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Yoga for Mental Health: Yoga for Anxiety and Depression, Melbourne

A unique approach integrating psychotherapy and yoga towards a calmer state of mind

with Christina Browning and Jen O’Brien

Engage in a complete mind-body experience, and develop personalised self-care strategies to improve your mental health.

Are you ready for a calmer state of mind to become a more stable part of your day to day experience?

This unique evidence-based six week course integrates psychotherapy and yoga. The overall aim of integrating yoga with your current therapy is to learn how to improve your health using breath, movement and mindfulness practices.

Build on the work that you have done in your therapy sessions, and learn how to use yoga practices to better ‘mind your mind’ in daily life.

Facilitated by psychotherapist Jen O’Brien and therapeutic yoga teacher Christina Browning.

Group sessions help each participant to increase their understanding of helpful and unhelpful patterns, so that they are more able to engage in the patterns that are helpful and improve their quality of life. The group aspect also provides a supportive environment where we engage in useful yoga practices and then reflect on how to integrate these day to day.

Max 10 participants.

No prior Yoga experience is required. Yoga sessions are focused on breath and integrating psychological practices and therefore physical poses are gentle and accessible for all.

For more information about upcoming workshops, or to organise one at your workplace email:

Note: Professional development available for psychologists to run a program in-house with Christina.



“Being aware is a foundation for change. We mostly go through life without deliberate awareness. It is what we pay attention to, the quality of that attention, and the intention behind it, which determine whether it is going to reshape us in a useful way or not” ~ Dr. Ganesh Mohan.