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Delving Deeper 5

Delving Deeper
An Integrated Approach: Therapeutic Yoga & Cognitive Analytical Therapy

with Jen O’Brien and Christina Browning

Through language, movement and breath work, this program will provide individuals with a short therapy process to uncover deeply ingrained patterns and habitual behaviour. From here, therapeutic yoga will support individuals towards transforming these patterns into restorative ways of being. Individuals will be given personalised ‘take-home’ self care tools and practices as part of both the CAT and therapeutic yoga sessions.

Consists of:

  • 4 Individual Cognitive Analytical Therapy Sessions with Jen O’Brien
  • 3 Individual Therapeutic Yoga sessions with Christina Browning

For more info (including costs and times) please contact Jen on 0405 929 410

“Being aware is a foundation for change. We mostly go through life without deliberate awareness. It is what we pay attention to, the quality of that attention, and the intention behind it, which determine whether it is going to reshape us in a useful way or not“ ~ Dr. Ganesh Mohan.